How You Can Help

Working Together

Just a few people against proposed Town changes won't impact the minds of Trustees. Join together as many, and we can become a force to listen to. There's so many ways to help and it can be as simple as just joining the group and being available should we need to sign petitions. See below for more ideas.

Jump Into Action!
  • Attend Group Meetings - Participate and Enjoy Meeting Neighbors
  • Email Letters and Comments to Trustees and Commission Members
  • Email Letters and Comments to Our Newspapers
  • Talk to Your Neighbors - Spread the Word
  • Sign Petitions
  • Participate in Surveys (coming soon)
  • Join Concern Citizens Group - Preserve Estes Park, Help build the group.
  • Become Fully Educated on the Changes That are Happening
  • Help With Mailers
  • Attend Town and Commission Meetings
  • Learn About What's Going On in Other Communities
  • Review Past Town and Planning Commissions and Advisory Committee Meetings (last year)
  • Learn about what rights we have now, and what rights we may or may not retain if changes are made
  • Learn about the current terms being thrown around ("missing middle, infill") and understand how they can be used interchangably for different purposes
  • Help with the Group's Website
  • Provide financial support to the Group
  • Research: Past studies to see if they are consitent and reliable. (eg. Traffic, Fire Mitigation, Workforce Needs, etc)
  • Research: whether we could have an "unsurvivable event" here in Estes Park, especially during tourist season.
  • Research: Can the Town change our zoning without our input?
  • Email Congressman Joe Neguse
  • Research:Follow the money and see if it influenced the changes we face.
  • Research: Does the new comprehenisive plan treat all parcels fairly.
  • Email our State Legislators
  • Research: How can we still fully support Work Force Housing, the Missing Middle, but not loose the PARK out of Estes Park.
  • Drink a Beer and ponder what it would look like in Estes if every single house on 1 acre was replaced with 4. Is this something we want?
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