Are We Alone?

Other Communities with Zoning Challenges
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Fort Collins, CO In attempting to address affordable housing, Council has rendered single-family neighborhoods unprotected from speculators and developers eager to profit from replacing existing homes with luxury townhomes and expensive multi-family housing. Preserve Fort Collins covers many of the same issue we face here in Estes. Visit Site
Fort Collins, CO On April 6, 2021, Fort Collins voters overwhelming voted to save the 164.5-acre Hughes Stadium Property and use it for parks, recreation and Open Space. This was a huge win for the Citizens of Fort Collins. This is a great example of concerned citizens joining to protect the land in their City. Their voices were heard. Visit Site
Colorado Springs, CO WE ARE NOT ALONE. The City of Colorado Springs is on a quest to increase population density. The terms "infill" and "density" are repeated over and over again in their adopted master plan. Neighbors are opposing the rezoning but they are up against a machine pitting the City of Colorado Springs employees, the Mayor, and well-funded developers against citizens.NOTE - This article has mysteriously disappeared. The link below is from KOAA discussing the same zoning issues Visit Site
Durham, NC Citizens are battling zoning changes that are increasing density by 4 times. Their original challenge was for 1 property but this has expanded to include additional proposals within North Durham. Visit Site
Prairie Village, KS Nearly 40 residents spoke at Prairie Village's Sept. 6 city council meeting, and all but a few were opposed to the proposed updates to zoning standards. Many said they're concerned about increasing housing density worsening traffic, overcrowding schools and other issues that will “degrade the integrity” of Prairie Village.. Visit Site
Prairie Village, KS Citizens at Prairie Village start their own website in protest to changes. It's quite interesting to see how their municipality is using the term "By Right" with oppostion calling it a trojan horse. Visit Site
Greeley, CO After continuing a contended discussion from its June 7 meeting on rezoning a portion of the former Hewlett-Packard property, Greeley City Council earlier this week denied the request to change the plot’s zone to residential high density (R-H), leaving mixed feelings from some residents, the applicant and City Council members themselves. Visit Site
Tullahoma, TN Dozens of concerned citizens of Tullahoma have joined together to inform and educate our community regarding rezoning. We want to stop the approval of PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) and High-Density Rezoning in Tullahoma! We believe many people in our community are unaware of the rezoning initiatives currently being considered. Visit Site
Bronx, NY Bronx coalition against up zoning. Mission: to establish an organization that will advocate for low density zoning to keep the existing architectural landscape of the Bronx. We want to preserve the existing beautiful suburban feel for families and children to enjoy the clean air, greenery and outdoors to retain the quality of life for people who live in the Bronx. Visit Site
Palm Beach Gardens, FA

Western Northlake Communities Coalition ( is a grassroots project launched by concerned residents living in communities along the Western Northlake Boulevard corridor who oppose unnecessary zoning changes. BayHill Estates, Osprey Isles, Carlton Oaks, The Preserve at BayHill, Rustic Lakes, and other community groups oppose two specific projects - Vintage Oaks and Vintage Crossing - as we see no justification for rezoning to allow overly dense real estate projects adjacent to rural residential communities. We ask our City of Palm Beach Gardens planners and officials to consider the needs and demands of the communities at large and not approve projects merely for the benefit of commercial developers and increased tax dollars. We would like to be heard. ‍

We are particularly concerned about the impact of high or medium-density development projects on traffic safety when traffic accumulation and congestion along Western Northlake Boulevard present a tremendous daily risk to residents. We feel strongly that communities like ours are not built, but they can be broken when we fail to consider each community individually and cumulatively. Only through transparent and open dialogue with consideration of actual and planned projects generating impact on communities, the environment, school capacity, and our roads can we prepare for our future.

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USA Today Biden's infrastructure plan calls for cities to limit single-family zoning and instead build affordable housing Visit Site
Chapin, SC Zoning changes will also allow developers to construct multi-family triplexes and quadplexes on vacant lots within subdivisions and in established areas comprised of single-family residences. In addition, the number of houses permitted per acre on many undeveloped parcels currently zoned Rural, which is the equivalent to 78% of the unincorporated area, will automatically increase from 1.33/acre to 3, 6, 9, and even 12/acre. Visit Site
Casa Grande, AZ Over county staff’s objections, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors granted a rezoning and other approvals on 10 acres for a new subdivision near Oasis Golf Club in San Tan Valley. Visit Site
Richland County, SC

The February notice sent to all property owners in unincorporated Richland County (375,000 acres) indicated the rezoning would become effective on May 2. However, the process has been deferred for 30 days due to the County’s Planning Commission’s recent reveal of potential impacts unknown to most homeowners.

If approved, the rezoning will change every parcel to a new zoning designation and comes with new limits to homeowners’ permitted uses. Small rural farms and businesses will be impacted, and family property may not be able to be divided.

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Minneapolis, MN Court orders Minneapolis to cease implementation of 2040 plan. Minneapolis cannot enforce its controversial long-range plan eliminating single-family zoning, but it could do so in the future if it meets certain conditions, a Hennepin County district judge ruled Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by a trio of environmental organizations. Visit Site
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