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Preserve Estes Park a Concerned Citizens Group

Preserve Estes Park exists to act as an advocate and source of resources for the communities of the Estes Valley of Colorado. It is comprised of individuals and families concerned about maintaining and improving the environment, wildlife and quality of life of the area, and is open to all who share the same concern. It is nonpartisan, diverse and inclusive, and welcomes participants from all backgrounds who desire to work together to keep the Park in Estes Park.

Kruger Rock Fire - Estes Park
Preserve Estes Park a Concerned Citizens Group - Group Actions
Our First Course of Action - Reject Reckless Rezoning

Zoning is the most common tool used by local governments to prescribe the allowable development on parcels of land. Generally, when a community adopts a zoning ordinance, they are dividing a geographic area into zones or districts, which each have a unique set of standards for land uses and development regulations general health, safety, and welfare of the public with private property owner's rights to use their land to their best interest (Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs).

To this end, Preserve Estes Park seeks to:

  • Hold the Town accountable to the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan
  • Protect our wildlife, environment, and quality of life
  • Prevent the Marshall Fire from happening in our Town
  • Prevent the setting of dangerous precedent by stopping the Town of Estes Park from any rezoning without significant neighborhood input and impact studies. For example, stop the reckless and destructive rezoning of 685 Peak View Drive.
  • Insist the Town make procedural changes to the way rezoning requests are handled. Impact studies should be required BEFORE changes are approved. Studies should address fire mitigation, drainage, wildlife use, traffic, noise, lighting, and other potential impacts. Non-expiring pre-applications should not be used to impede public communications with elected officials.
  • Hold the Town accountable to ALL Residents. They were hired and elected to protect our citizens, our visitors, our property, our rights, and our wildlife. These should be priorities. Require continued, mandatory Neighborhood Meetings and Public Comment PRIOR to Planning Commission and Town Board Meetings.
  • Protect our Citizens and Visitors on all of our Streets and Roadways
  • Keep the PARK in Estes PARK

If you are interested in signing our Petitions, or helping with collecting signatures then please use the email link below.

Go here if you need help signing a petition: ===> Petition Signing Instructions

Download and sign our current petition
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After signing, send it back to:

======>    PreserveEstes@gmail.com

Are We Alone?
We are not the only ones who have had to struggle with issues of density and reckless rezoning.

It has happened in other areas and towns and we are not alone. our growing list.


Fort Collins Colorado

Public Outcry Grows and Community Members Petition for a Ballot Referendum

Fort Collins City Council did more than change the name of the Land Use Code to the Land ‘Development’ Code on November 1st: they also gutted citizen participation, choosing profits before people. This is a harbinger of what citizens in Estes may face in the very near future. As a group, their voices were heard.

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Colorado Springs Colorado

Zoning and Wildfire Concerns Spark Protests

WE ARE NOT ALONE. The City of colorado Springs is on a quest to increase population density. The terms "infill" and "density" are repeated over and over again in their adopted master plan. Neighbors are opposing the rezoning but they are up against a machine pitting the City of Colorado Springs employees, the Mayor, and well-funded developers against citizens.(springtaxpayers.com article removed) Wildfire evacuation concerns a key reason for neighbors protest. KOAA News

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Durham North Carolina

Citizen Group Prevails With Application Voided

Citizens continue battling zoning changes that are increasing density by 4 times. Their original challenge was for 1 property but this has expanded to include additional proposals within North Durham. This group isn't letting their guard down.

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Are you concerned about something in your neighborhood? Do you want the community to hear your voice?

If it impacts more than just you, then maybe it's something everyone should know about? Participate with the Preserve Estes Park - Concerned Citizens Group and be heard as a group.

Know Your Town

Town of Estes Park

Name Position Email Take Action
Wendy Koenig Mayor wkoenig@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Patrick Martchink Trustee pmartchink@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Vacant Trustee Vacant Use This ==> Click Here
Marie Cenac Trustee mcenac@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Kirby Hazelton Trustee khazelton@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Barbara MacAlpine Mayer Pro Tem bmacalpine@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Cindy Younglund Trustee cyounglund@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Carlie Bangs Former Trustee
Name Position Email Take Action
General Planning Email Everyone sees this email planning@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Matt Comstock Chair
Joe Elkins Commissioner
Howard Hanson Former Trustee
Matt Heiser Vice-Chair
Chris Pawson Commissioner
Barbara MacAlpine Town Board Liaison
Name Position Represents
General Planning Email Everyone sees this email planning@estes.org
Matt Heiser Chair Town
Bob Leavitt Vice-Chair County
Eric Blackhurst Town
Chuck Cooper Town
David Bangs Town
John Schnipkoweit County
David Shirk Town
Karen Thompson County
Rosemary Truman Town
David Wolf Town
Matt Comstock Town non-voting
Frank Theis County non-voting
Barbara McAlpine Town Board Liasion
Name Position Email Phone Take Action
General Planning Email Everyone sees this email planning@estes.org Use This ==> Click Here
Jessica Garner Director jgarner@estes.org 970-577-3720 Use This ==> Click Here
Jeffrey Woeber Senior Planner jwoeber@estes.org 970-577-3727 Use This ==> Click Here
Members in Motion

Take Action!

Together, we can be heard!

Current Petitions

  • Opposition Rezoning of 685 Peak View
  • Petition for Meeting Change
  • No proposed Petition
Coming Soon!

Member Surveys

  • Zoning
  • Water Management
  • Traffic Safety
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Initiative Petitions

  • Organize the Community
  • Enables Citizen Power
  • Helps Protect Citizen Rights
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