Peak View Area - Historical Information

Learning About the Past

Much thanks to Bart and Sharron Dannels for sharing past history with all of us.

Not So Long Ago
  • Attend Group Meetings - Participate and Enjoy Meeting Neighbors
  • Email Letters and Comments to Trustees and Commission Members
  • Email Letters and Comments to Our Newspapers
  • Talk to Your Neighbors - Spread the Word
  • Sign Petitions (online e-sign coming soon)
  • Participate in Surveys (coming soon)
  • Join Concern Citizens Group - Preserve Estes Park, Help build the group.
  • Become Fully Educated on the Changes That are Happening
  • Help With Mailers
  • Attend Town and Commission Meetings
  • Learn About What's Going On in Other Communities
  • Review Past Town and Planning Commissions and Advisory Committee Meetings (last year)
  • Learn about what rights we have now, and what rights we may or may not retain if changes are made
  • Learn about the current terms being thrown around ("missing middle, infill") and understand how they can be used interchangably for different purposes
  • Help with the Group's Website
  • Provide financial support to the Group
  • Research: Past studies to see if they are consitent and reliable. (eg. Traffic, Fire Mitigation, Workforce Needs, etc)
  • Research: whether we could have an "unsurviable event" here in Estes Park, especially during tourist season.
  • Research: Can the Town change our zoning without our input?
  • Email Congressman Joe Neguse
  • Research:Follow the money and see if it influenced the changes we face.
  • Research: Does the new comprehenisive plan treat all parcels fairly.
  • Email our State Legislators
  • Research: How can we still fully support Work Force Housing, the Missing Middle, but not loose the PARK out of Estes Park.
  • Drink a Beer and ponder what it would look like in Estes if every single house on 1 acre was replaced with 4. Is this something we want?
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